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Did you know that we have a specific martial arts program for middle-schoolers?  Well technically, it's for beginners between 10 and 13 years old.  

These students are really starting to develop some independence and can develop some exceptional ability in martial arts.   Self-defense and athleticism is a focus; plus, leadership, self-discipline and confidence is emphasized.  With a few years of dedicated training, the next step for these students is to earn their junior black belt.

But first, here's why this program is so great...

Martial Arts has become a common activity and children are starting younger and younger.  However, due to that fact, the older ones may think that "karate" is for little kids.  And, it can be.  But this program (we call it DRAGONS) is specifically designed for students between 10 and 13 years old. 

And, it's not just karate.  Over the last several decades we've develop an unique combination of Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The older kids love the variety and challenge and it makes them well-rounded martial artists. 

This means that they won't be in a class with students that are too young and too small.  At the same time, they won't unnecessarily get pushed into an adult class which wouldn't be appropriate either. 

This middle school / pre-teen age can be a tough time: 

  • Some kids may not have found their niche in team sports and martial arts can be a great athletic endeavor that supports the individual. 
  • We have to face the reality that weight-gain is a legitimate concern among children.  Martial Arts is a fun, engaging activity that keeps them physically fit.  
  • It IS important for students at this age to have a variety of activities and experience.  This includes activities like sports, off-season training, music and of course martial arts! 
  • The academic pressures of school are starting to build up.  Students that practice martial arts get better grades since they have the discipline and focus to get homework done.  They know how to set goals and achieve them by breaking down the requisite tasks at hand.
  • Martial Arts experience and an achievement like the Black Belt looks good on college applications.  Good grades are important, but not enough.  A student with a martial arts background has demonstrated hard work, commitment and leadership skills.  Now is the time to start.
  • Bullying doesn't end in elementary school and can possibly get worse in middle school.  Martial Arts gives them more than just physical tools to defend and stand up for themselves.  It gives them the coping skills and self-confidence to make the best decision at the right time even when we (parents) aren't around. 

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