Exton Berwyn Kids Martial Arts Leadership ProgramI have seen countless instances where quiet, or shy, or children otherwise not naturally inclined to be leaders, step up in situations and become leaders needed in the moment. They do this by shutting out negativity or doubt and focusing on one thing - the technique.

Some might call that borrowed authority, I would consider it borrowed confidence. confidence in what they have been taught, who taught them, and in themselves to share it with someone else. I witness these newly formed leaders then go on to help younger kids and coach peers on a regular basis.

Its not a coincidence that these same kids go on to join the Junior Instructor Program here at the Dragon Gym. If you think your child is one of these fledgling leaders and wish to join the Junior Instructor Program (JIP) please contact me for more info.

When you see your child exhibiting these leadership behaviors, PLEASE talk to them about it. Reinforce them, praise them, let them know that they have developed a skill that will be used for the rest of their lives.


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