I hope you enjoyed that video of Coach Lonnie giving some pointers and a sample heavy bag drill and workout.  It's just a taste of what we do in our kickboxing classes.

Are you here because you're interested in Kickboxing Classes for health and fitness?

Well, here's how our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes can help:

Most of our students are looking for a fun and effective workout.  Something that burns a ton of calories, but isn't boring cardio. Something that is challenging and engaging so that you stick with it and get the results they're looking for.   Something that keeps them disciplined and accountable.  

That's what our Kickboxing community is all about. 

Check out this FREE Quick Start Guide for our Kickboxing classes so that you can find out what DGMT is all about.  

You'll find Muay Thai workouts, tutorial videos, a nutrition blueprint, meal ideas, and a proven strategy to have fun along the way.  

Looking for a new, better way to get in shape?

Interested in learning the martial art of muay thai kickboxing?

This starter's guide will set you up for success!


Muay Thai Quick Start Guide

Kickboxing Classes Exton Pa Heavy Bag Drill 1

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