Foam Rolling for Martial ArtsMany of you have asked me about foam rolling. Foam rolling before (and after) classes can provide you with many benefits. Foam rolling can be used to correct postural form and break down muscle adhesions and tightness. Not only will this reduce soreness and shorten muscle recovery time, it will increase range of motion if done before warm ups and stretching. Better posture, increased range of motion, less soreness, and shorter recovery times will all lead to a better physique, enhanced performance and better overall health.

What are the areas to foam roll?
Basically the entire musculature of the body can be rolled but there are certain areas to focus on and certain areas to avoid.

Foam Rolling for Kettlebells Exton PAFor now avoid:
- Ribs
- Low back
- Neck

Areas to focus on:
- IT Bands & Gluteals
- Adductors
- Pecs and Lats
- Quads and Hip Flexors
- Thoracic Spine (mid Back)

Remember, when foam rolling the muscle should be relaxed. Never roll to the point of pain, the muscle should feel just short of the pain threshold. This will help establish mobility in the muscle tissue. If foam rolling is a totally new concept for you, consider scheduling a Functional Movement Screen with me or one of the other instructors here. Email: [email protected]

If you're looking for a foam roller, a basic one will do, you don't need anything too fancy.  Click the link below to pick on up from Amazon: 

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