Hey moms and dads,

Quick question who here has some interest in starting in a martial arts or fitness program but has not gotten around to it because of time, schedule, energy or whatever the reason may be!?

To our parents who do train!

Can you help me chime in on how you may have had some of these apprehensions before you got started and how your perception of training changed after getting into a routine that works for you?

I bring this up because I would like to work with you, personally, to get you started on a program that will help ensure your success.

Liz Peck:

For me, it helps to be organized at home with meal planning and plan ahead simple meals for training nights. I typically train M/W/Fs and my two kids most often attend T/TH, all at 6:30. For me, that means I am coming right from work without going home first on those days. As a family, we are all used to eating later dinners, typically between 7:30 and 8, not only because of TKD, but also because of other after school sports and practices. So a healthy snack for us all prior to our classes helps with simple meals after on the days I train.

Alexandra K Grulke:

I think starting to train at Dragon Gym was one of the best decisions of my life, my kids had been training for several years and I sat in the balcony, I made some friends up there watching the kids BUT the moment I stepped on the mats (black at first for kettlebells and then the gray for TKD and then BJJ) I made great friends more like family. It is extremely intimidating to step on the mats but everyone welcomes you, everyone has been there too. Besides the family I have made I am healthier, showing my children that health and exercise is important at all ages, you can achieve anything you want to but I also I train alongside my family. This fall Abbey and I are training for an all women’s jiu jitsu tournament. So to all the parents on the fence (or balcony) you will not be sorry, come on down!!!!

Debbie Felker:

I too was a parent who sat up in the balcony watching my daughter train for almost a year when my husband signed me up for TKD classes. Putting on that white uniform and stepping on to those mats for the first time, yep, I was a ball of nerves mixed with a ton of excitement...and since that first class, I have never looked back. We have made some amazing friendships that have turned in to being part of an amazing family. Dragon Gym has done so much for both myself and my daughter in helping us to lead healthier lives, build a higher level of self confidence, create goals and strive to achieve them, and to become a better person. It has also given myself and my daughter a much stronger bond through our training together. Was I intimidated, absolutely, this was something that was so out of my comfort zone...was I worried about not being able to do it, you bet I was,...was I even afraid that people might laugh at me, yes ....but after the most amazing welcome in my first class, receiving all the encouragement and support from everyone on those mats and truly finding out what Dragon Gym is all about, those fears faded away. I've been training for over a year now and the support and encouragement from everyone on the mats today is still as strong as it was that very first day. I am so grateful to have this amazing Dragon Gym family in my life and I encourage everyone to take that next step and join us on the mats!

Dina Hoegen Perreault:

I echo the comments of the parents above, and of course I would as we all became fast friends on the mat and now, off the mat as well! I was in the balcony for only a few months (over 3 years ago!) watching how much fun my son was having and realized I belonged down there with him. The first class was tough for me, heck the first month was tough! I had to stop and breathe several times throughout the class and each time, everyone encouraged me to work at my own pace and get right back in there when I was ready! Every single person in class introduced themselves to me and made me feel welcomed from Day 1. We help each other, we watch out for each other. We train each other. Now, on Saturday mornings, several of us even train together to practice the curriculum outside of the class schedule while our kids take the make up class or serve as junior instructors. That is how much we love being students and parents at DG! As for me and my son, we teach each other forms and practice at home. We review stances, kicks and punches. He makes up crazy combinations to see if Mom can keep up (most of the time I CAN!). We are bonding over this and it's just one more way for us to spend quality time. Although he's on another mat at the same time I'm in class, I look back every so often and smile at him or give a thumbs up and he does the same. There is literally not one negative thing I could say about our experiences as a family at DG. So, come on down and join us on the mat! You won't be sorry! The more feet on the mat, the better!

Alicia de la Torre-Yoder:

My daughter and I came to DG for one reason, and have stayed for one million reasons. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to share DG with my daughter. There is so much to help you grow on so many different levels. I started with Kickboxing when Olivia started TaeKwonDo. I was carrying five years of baby weight and in most likely the worst physical condition I have ever been in. 

I spent a lot of time in the balcony watching Olivia and the instructors when I wasn’t in class. I was fascinated by the dedication of the instructors, how skills were taught and lessons were broken down, and watching Master Kim and Miss Lindsay, as well as seeing the progress Olivia made in her classes. That fascination inspired me to want to try TKD myself. I love learning and it was a new venture for me to apply that desire to learn to martial arts. So, three years later, I take/have taken kickboxing, Taekwondo, Kettlebells, and JiuJitsu. I have participated in challenges and meal plans. I am now in much better physical condition than I have been in many years as the result of of a whole lifestyle change which I would not have been able to accomplish without the knowledge and assistance of the instructors and staff of DG. What Debbie, Sandie, and Liz said is true... while starting may feel intimidating, the support from your classmates and instructors is amazing. It’s true that if you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with people who will help you get there. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have the relationships with people at DG that I do now, I would not have come as far as I have. The investment in myself and Olivia has been so worth it for the development of her character and of mine, for self-confidence, for physical conditioning, for mental toughness, and most of all for fun. Thanks DG- we love you. To the parents in the balcony- come down and take the first step- there is so much for you on the mats- don’t miss out on your chance to become the best version of yourself.

Matt Grulke:

I wanted to start some form of martial arts for a couple of years but struggled to find the time between a busy work life and not wanting to take any time away from the family. However, with the kids training at DG, it created an opportunity for all 6 of us to train and spend time together with some common interests and goals. It started with our 3 youngest kids, followed by me and our oldest daughter, and then Sandie doing tae kwon do. This was followed by 5 of us doing BJJ too. It is worth mentioning that I think we have been able to sustain and increase our interests over the past several years because of the people at DG. It is definitely a family and there is no other environment like it.

So just hit reply! And, let's get started. 

Talk soon, 


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