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Kickboxing is a sport that has many different areas and ranges. Punching, kicking, knees, clinch, sweeps and elbows but none of them are useful if the fighter hasn't been training.

Conditioning and diet are two of the MOST important things that contribute to victory in the ring so why do we ignore them? Here are 3 mistakes many people make when it comes to their success, both in and outside of the ring.

MISTAKE 1. Using food as a reward. This is 100% SABOTAGE! Using food as a reward system is a way to keep you in the same ruts in the road you've been stuck in. 

SOLUTION 1. Decide now that this is not an option. You don't have to rob yourself of calories and be hungry all day and suffer. After a KILLER workout of even week of workout decide that you're going to keep the momentum going with good, clean food.


MISTAKE 2. Not supplementing your training. Training twice per week isn't enough for you now.

SOLUTION 2. Find something else to participate in. Lift heavy weights (Dragon Gym Barbell Club cough cough) Swing Kettlebells. Find a hill and do sprints. Go kayaking. The point is, the more you add to your "Health and Fitness Schedule" the better you'll feel and the easier it will be to make this a lifestyle and not a hobby


MISTAKE 3. Doing it by yourself. If you don't tell anyone your goals or have a partner then it doesn't matter if you don't do it

SOLUTION 3. Get yourself a BUDDY. Maybe its a co-worker or better yet, a significant other. Solidarity among friends is THE BEST way to achieve the things you're looking for!


So, Let's make this click and start working towards being the version of yourself that is in your heart!


Keep on the lookout for more weekly posts from me and feel free to drop me a response anytime.


Coach Lonnie

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