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2017 is almost over and the holiday season is in full swing! Below are some quick tips to keep your little ninja on track for testing and motivated this holiday season!

Go to Class

It’s that simple! Going to class helps release all that energy built up from all those holiday breaks from school. It also helps to keep them moving and active in this digital age where the biggest trend is to sit and watch TV or play video games. Going to class is also a great social outlet and allows your ninja to maintain and create friendships on a regular basis!

Establish Practice Time

Like any other activity you wish your child to excel in, there needs to be repetition. Making this a scheduled event at home will help to build a sense of responsibility as well. The benefits of practicing at home include an accelerated ability to learn and perform the curriculum. This leads to having more confidence when they are on the mat and an increased ability to lead or help their friends when they are struggling. How would you like your child to have increased confidence, leadership and sense of empathy!?

Let the family know

Talk to family! Post or message on Social Media! Your ninja has worked really hard to earn that belt, award or trophy. When the family is behind your ninja they will develop a strong sense of pride in what they do. Another great way to get everyone involved is to have your ninja show off a bit at the next family gathering. Don’t push them if they are really nervous but gently encourage them to show a couple moves, or a form! Another sure fire way to “wow” an audience is with a cool run, jump side kick!

When you combine all of these simple tips your ninja will be on the path to developing all skills needed to be a rockstar Black Belt!

This holiday season have your child’s back by taking them to class, encouraging them to practice at home and set them up to shine! The staff here at Dragon Gym is here to support the parents and their ninjas, so if you would like some ideas about implementing these tips please let us know!

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