How to Defend Yourself against punches from mount

You've been taken down and your assailant has assumed what's known as the "mount position."  This is when you are on your back, they are on top and their legs are on the outside, probably up near your armpits.  And, now they're raining down punches, possibly elbows on your head and face. 

But, all is not lost.  Watch this quick video and learn how to defend yourself from this very precarious situation. 

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5 Quick Video Lessons to Show You How

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches you how to defend yourself.

Learn Winning Strategies Against Strikes, Takedowns and other Attacks.

Ever wonder how most fights actually start? 

Well, increasingly assaults and physical altercations are starting with someone trying to tackle you or do what's known as a double leg takedown.

Jiu Jitsu teaches you what to do if you get taken down.  And, it teaches you how to stop their attack and turn it into your advantage.

Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how defend yourself against the "double leg takedown".

This is a critical technique and movement to learn so that you don't get caught off guard, get taken to "the second location", or get put unconscious.  Ultimately, learning this will help increase the chances that you can defend yourself and your loved-ones when needed.

Check out this quick video course and you'll learn 5-ways to defend yourself on the ground.

We'll show you:

  • How to effectively defend yourself when you're on your back and someone is attacking you from a top position.
  • The 5 Self-Defense Moves From the Ground that everyone should know
  • Submissions, or finishing techniques, that are basic AND extremely effective. 
  • Exactly what you need to neutralize the situation, subdue your assailant, and get to safety if needed. 
  • Fundamentals for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training and competition

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Complete the Form Below and Learn How to Defend Yourself on the Ground

5 Quick Video Lessons to Show You How