Some Shadow Boxing Tips for you to use in your workouts at home or at the gym. 

Remember a few pointers:

  • You don't need speed or power
  • Focus on improving your technique
  • Keep your hands up, defense still matters
  • Throw some kicks too! 
  • Move around, practice footwork and change levels

Some of the aspects of Muay Thai Kickboxing for you to consider while shadow boxing: 

Footwork- This is the most basic and important part of Kickboxing. Learning how to properly move, close distance and create distance is the essence of all martial arts

Punches- Whether it is a jab, cross, hook or uppercut you will learn the proper way to throw effective hand strikes with pinpoint accuracy

Kicks- High kicks, low kicks and teeps(push kicks) are an effective way to create distance from an attacker and to easily dismantle them at the same time

Knees and Elbows- This is what separates Muay Thai from everything else. No other Martial Art uses Knees and elbows as effectively as Thai Boxing.

Clinch- When it too close to kick or punch is when we use the world famous "Thai Clinch". Pulling in your opponent and controlling their head, neck and shoulders allows you to, in turn, control their whole body.

There are many more aspects of Thai Boxing that students will experience that cannot be expressed in words. You will learn more about yourself than you ever knew possible. Build friendships and experience true teamwork. It is often said that when a student discovers Muay Thai the also discover themselves at the same time.

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