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I'm Leo Vargas. I'm 42 years old and I've been part of the Dragon Gym Team for almost three years now. And, I'm in a fight camp right now for the coming fight in February.

I've started martial. When I was a kid with my father, he was a boxing instructor when I was a kid and I took a break and I went back to it when I was 23 years old.

And I studied with Tae Kwon Do. I moved from Upper Darby to West Chester and I was driving around looking for a place, a new gym.

And, on my way to another gym, I drove by Dragon Gym and was with my son.

As soon as we walked in the door, we loved it right away.

The dedication of the coaches in the training. That's what attracted me. I understand we don't have all the same ability to spend as much time as others in the gym, but some in the gym were really dedicated to the martial arts.

So that's what really attracted me to martial arts when I was younger. All the people I had seen training for fight were early twenties for the latest. So, it's not something that ever crossed my mind.

I always wanted to fight in a competitive way. But, what really attracted me to fight wasn't only the fight itself.

I really wanted to enjoy the, your entire fight camp. That's what really attracted me first. I like the fact that you have to push yourself further than we do, usually in our regular training session and to have a goal mindset with a deadline.

I never experienced that. Then I was really attracted by this side of the training camp. I love that we are working out more hours. You wake up in the morning. That's what you think about. And you go at night and you can't wait for the next day.

You start over again, losing, winning, you know, everybody wants to win, but for me, it's really to represent my gym and teammates and fight.

I can't promise anyone I'm gonna win, but I'm gonna promise everybody I'm gonna fight hard.

I have two young kids and I think this gives them a good example. They may not understand that now, but when they will when they are older. They they will remember all the time I spent working out and dedicated to this goal.

Everybody at their level could find their own benefits. It doesn't have to be five times a week, but if it's only once a week and it brings you some happiness, small challenge in your daily life makes you happier. It's a huge benefit.

And, that's what I get. The more I come, the more proud myself and happy I am.