Registration for the April in-person 3 Day Business Development Workshop and Mastermind is now open!

This is a 1 to 3 day event - just complete the form below.

  • April 28th - DAY 1 - Small Group VIP
  • April 29th - DAY 2 - One Day Mastermind
  • April 30th - DAY 3 - One on One Coaching with Lonnie and Som

DAY 1 - Limited to 10 attendees.

You spend the day with a small group of gym owners, our leadership team, and me and Som. You'll see the inner workings of all the Dragon Gyms and discover how we went from 1 gym to 4 to make more money and have more time and freedom

DAY 2 - The Classic One-Day Mastermind and Whiteboard Intensive session.


This is where we give you the blueprint on the FOUR Ms of running a successful Martial Arts Academy and Business

  • M #1 - Marketing - how we get 200+ leads consistently a month will relatively little work and little ad spend
  • M #2 - Membership - how we SELL. There are simple techniques and tactics to convert all of those leads into paying members. We make sure that you understand these techniques so that you can be confident they'll work. And, it doesn't stop there. Learn how to keep your attrition rates (quits) low so that your gym fills instead of leaks
  • M #3 - Management - how we manage all the things that make your gym run smoothly: time management, class management, team management and delegation. This is a critical point to remove stress and create FREEDOM.
  • M #4 - Money - Ms 1,2,3 mean that you're making some money now, but what do you do with it? This is an important strategic piece that goes beyond driving revenue and controlling margins to secure profits.

DAY 3 - One on One Sessions.


You spend several hours on Sunday with just Som and I. This is a deep dive into your gym on what's working and of course what isn't. We'll show exactly what to fix, what to eliminate, what to optimize and what to do more of. This is a very detailed and personalized process so we can only accept two attendees for this.

So, are you ready to get the blueprint and action plan to radically grow your Martial Arts Business and finally get the freedom and stress-free lifestyle you deserve?  Fill out the form below and reserve your spot for April!



If you need to ask us something before registering, make sure to reach out!