Whether your goals are Martial Arts, Self-Defense or fitness, relying on motivation alone will not get you there.  Instead you need something else.  Take a look at the replay of our "Motivation is BS!" Webinar and learn the following: 

  • Why relying on motivation alone is a problem
  • The difference between wishes and real goals
  • A proven, tactical method of creating goals that you'll actually achieve
  • A meta-strategy to consistently surpass your own expectations
  • How to instill discipline and self-control into your daily routine
  • How to develop clarity of purpose and start eliminating the distractions that hold you back
  • The incredible power of time-blocking
  • A simple, three-step process to get starting on making 2019 great, today.

You Can Try a Class for Free!

At the Dragon Gym we start all new students with a free, no-obligation orientation lesson. This is a one-on-one session with one of our great instructors. This lesson will give you or your child a chance to see our facility, meet our instructors, and answer any questions that you may have about starting a program. It also gives us a chance to meet and assess you and recommend a program that will be the best fit. In this way, you can feel 100% comfortable when starting a martial arts or fitness program at the Dragon Gym

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