Are you located in Malvern, PA, and interested in Muay Thai or kickboxing? You may be making a common mistake during your training without even realizing it.

At Malvern Muay Thai, we see this mistake frequently, and it's dropping your right hand when throwing the left hook. This can leave you open to counter-punches and kicks, making it a crucial mistake to avoid.

Don't worry, though, it's a simple fix that can make a significant difference in your performance in the ring. By keeping your right hand up when throwing the left hook, you'll reduce your chances of being countered and improve your overall technique.

At Dragon Gym Malvern Muay Thai, we understand the importance of paying attention to the small details in your training. By focusing on your technique and making the necessary adjustments, you can become a better fighter.

In addition to technical training, we also encourage mindfulness in the ring. Being present and aware of your surroundings can help you anticipate your opponent's moves and react accordingly.

So if you're looking for Muay Thai in Malvern, PA, or Malvern kickboxing, come visit us at Malvern Muay Thai. Our experienced trainers are here to help you improve your technique and become a better fighter overall. Don't let a simple mistake hold you back from reaching your full potential. Sign up for a class today and start perfecting your technique!