The year 2020 and the Coronavirus Pandemic has thrust brand new challenging on families.   Parenting and raising children is hard enough as it is, this year certainly hasn't made it any easier!

Lonnie and I share some of our concerns and potential solutions in our weekly Facebook Live Address.

  • Children are more prone to Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide than ever before
  • These trends are getting worse.
  • The problem correlates with screen time and social media usage
  • The problem also seems to affect girls worse than boys
  • The social isolation has led to lack of happiness and negative perception of self in children.
  • The increase of childhood obesity is also a problem.

Children need real human engagement in three major ways in order to develop a positive perception of themselves and into well-adjusted adults.  1 - Peer to Peer Relationships.  2 - Near-Peer Relationships. 3 - Mentor-Student Relationships.

Martial Arts classes can provide all of these plus physical exercise and the valueable skills of self-defense and self-discipline.


Somnath Sikdar
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