Master Lonnie Beck goes over how to tie the belt. This method can be used for all martial arts like karate, taekwondo and brazilian jiu jitsu

Hey everybody, Master Lonnie here, and today I'm going to give you guys a video on how to effectively tie your belt.

The Martial arts belt is an incredibly important part of the uniform and should always be treated with respect. So, grab your belt and follow along, here we go.

Okay, so step one is to fold your belt perfectly in half, align the ends, and make sure it's nice and even all the way to the crease.

Step two, is to now take that crease, and you're going to put it right in the center of the navel, go around the back, and from here, you're actually going to switch hands, and then back around the front. Okay.

Now once we've reached the front of the belt, we want to make sure that our belt is even, and from here I want you guys to watch the end of the belt with the yellow piece of tape on it.

Here's what's going to happen, the belt with a yellow piece of tape is going to go over top of the other end, and under both layers of belt that you have against your body, pull that out, and we'll move on to the next part.

Now, the yellow piece of tape is going to do all the work again, just like we did a stage ago. That belt is going to go over top of the other belt, and if you see there we have a little bit of a loop here, belt with a piece of tape is going to go under and through that loop, and now we're going to keep it right here as we zoom in for the last part.

Okay, so here we go on the last part, if you had done everything that I told you to do, you'd got into this stage, and you see that the belt is a little bit of a knot, a little bit of a mess.

So what I want to do is I want to clean this knot up to make sure that the fabric of the belt sits nice and neat, so that when I pull this belt tight, I get a nice fortune cookie looking knot. Once you have that fortune cookie looking knot, we're going to pull the belt nice and tight, and if you look and observe, the belts should be about equal length.

Now, make sure that the belt rests comfortably on your hips, fix your uniform from here, and there's your perfect belt tie.