Coach Eric and Coach Lonnie explain and demonstrate setup and proper use of the safety pins in the squat rack.

The most common mistake when failing a squat is dumping the bar forward when it gets too heavy. And if you like the back of your head, we don't recommend doing this.

The second most common way to fail a squat that we see is once the bar gets a little bit too heavy lift he looks for the pins, and then bails forward. This is terrible for the knees.

So with no weight on the bar, first we can do a few unloaded squats, get all the way down to depth, and we can figure out where to set those safety pins, and setting your proper pin heights.

It's pretty simple, go to the lowest point of your squat and set those pins about two to three settings below the bottom part of your squat. Make sure you do that on each side and that the pins are at even levels

So, now the pins are placed. It looks like we got the right height. Let's try a repetition or two, and see where we're at.

See what a fail looks like now. So the weight gets a little bit too heavy sink down, pin saved the day exit forward.

Congrats.  You've already taken the first step to feeling stronger, fitter and happier. 

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