Our mission at Dragon Gym is so much more than learning martial arts, self defense or even developing self-confidence in children.  It's about enabling them to engage in meaningful relationships with individuals and groups; something that is unfortunately so lacking in today's world.   Not only will Dragon Gym have a lasting impact on their lives, but they will have a lasting impact on the community.

From Kia's dad, Steven: 

Kia Rowell made his 8th grade presentation on the importance of having a Passion, something that you love to do in your life. He shares his journey with Taekwondo here. He mentions trying TKD several years ago at a different gym, and then shares his DG journey.

Thank you Chris Taylor, Lonnie Beck, Somnath Sikdar, Kyle McKee, Joey Losito,  Lindsay Bayne, Evan Wiggins, Pablo Camargo, and Jamila Paksima Rowell and all of the DG families for your incredible support and encouragement along the way! Wishing everyone well at tomorrow's tournament too.

Go DG! 

Somnath Sikdar
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Master, 7th Dan Black Belt