Here's a quick video on how to get started with shoulder rolls. 

What I'm going over here is just the very basic steps to get started with what we call tumbling or shoulder rolls. 
It's one of the most important things in any martial art that you can learn, this idea of falling and rolling and protecting your body on the ground. 
There's a lot of benefits and this is how you get started just at a very, very basic level. Okay? 
What I want you to do is start on the mat in a kneeling position. My goal here is to eliminate any impact and be as smooth as possible. I'm going to place my hands on the floor and then pick a side. 
In this case I'm going to pick to roll on my right shoulder. So I'm going to turn over my right hand, look to the left and slide until my right shoulder touches the floor. 
As you can see, I'm not going to hit the floor with my shoulder. I'm going to gently slide until my shoulder touches the floor. 
So right side, turn my hand over, look away, slide, and then just kick your feet and roll over. It's not pretty, it's very simple. 
And, that gets you used to rolling on your shoulder, not your head and your neck. 
Start off practicing this until it gets smooth. Then you can move onto more faster, higher types of shoulder rolls. 
Thanks and see you on the mats!

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