Crawling is an excellent way to make both martial arts movements and the natural movements of the body more efficient.  

Here are some of the benefits, as laid out by Strong ON Kettlebell Coach Aleks Salkin: 

  • Crawling is contra-lateral, or cross-lateral, meaning you'll get more power diagonally from the ground through your body.  This helps with common strikes, like the cross or round house kick
  • Crawling is a total-body exercise.  Not only does it require eye-hand-foot coordination it strengthens the stabilizer muscles and weird in-between positions that conventional weight training cannot
  • Crawling is an incredible cardiovascular conditioning tool.  You'll know when you try it. 
  • Crawling teaches you to use energy more efficiently and relax both mentally and physically when under stress. 
  • Crawling "re-connects" your whole body.  Making you less prone to injury and more resilient


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