Six years ago, the Dragon Gym BJJ program began as a single, small group—a handful of enthusiasts on a shared journey toward martial arts mastery. As a trainer on the sidelines, I crafted their first dedicated lifting program, embedding strength into their technique. Today, that once-tiny group has multiplied, stretching its wings over three locations: Exton, Berwyn, and Phoenixville.

Each year, new faces join the fold, eager and bright-eyed, ready to dip their toes into the storied world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). And those who stay become testaments to the program's excellence, improving and honing their skills, becoming the mentors they once looked up to.

Dragon Gym's BJJ program is a living, breathing organism, growing stronger and more vibrant with each passing year. From rigorous training sessions to the camaraderie that blossoms off the mats, it's a place where resilience is built and character is forged.

If you're drawn to the art of BJJ—if the idea of challenging your body and mind excites you—then our doors are open. Join the ranks of those who embrace the grind, celebrate each triumph, and learn from every setback.

Classes are available across all our locations. Whether you're in Exton, Berwyn, or Phoenixville, there's a community waiting for you. A community that grows, not just in numbers, but in the depth of their skill and the bonds they share.

Come, be a part of our story, and let's continue to build this incredible legacy together. See you on the mats!

- Eric Duong, Dragon Gym Barbell Club Head Coach

Exton BJJ - Coach Eric and Professor Chris