Berwyn BJJ Professor Tom Palmer and his trusty assistant go over some approaches to learning the flying armbar in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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Tom Palmer:       So, we're gonna go over two flying arm-bar variations, one from the feet and then one on the ground. So, Joey over here's gonna do the first variation. So, we're tied up, right, in a clinch or collars, doesn't matter. This one I like a little better right. Joey's gonna trap my arm with his top arm. He's gonna throw this leg across my waist and then this one over my head. All right, so all at the same time. He gives me a little push pull, then throws up, jumps, catches the arm-bar, gets the submission.

                                    You can also finish it without the roll, so sometimes you might get it, while the person's still over top of you. So, everything's the same. We're pushing and pulling. Joey throws, jumps, catches the arm-bar and finishes the submission.

                                    Now the feet is not the only place you can do a flying arm-bar from. Sometimes when your partner here pulls guard. Right, so Joe pulls guard, I back out and I get back in. Now he's gonna sit up. When he sits up, he's going to be looking for grips. A lot of times, he's looking to control the collar, okay. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to give him that option, so I'm gonna lean in, let him reach. When he reaches, I'm gonna go across, hold the arm, or I can go over here, doesn't really matter. Any kind of arm-bar grip is going to work. I'm going to throw this leg over and then I'm gonna hop into the arm-bar, going for the submission.

                                    Now there's two ways I can go. I can go back or I can also go this way when you're dealing with a training partner who's a little bit smaller than you. Be kind, go this way. So, one more time. He reaches. I grab, I hop over into the arm-bar.