A little yoga, a little strength, a little self-defense, a little character-building, a little healthy habits development.

A LOT of movement. A LOT of fun. A LOT of growth.

Join Aly as she leads SIX 45-minute fitness classes, with each session specifically designed to help young women come into their strength--physically, mentally, and emotionally.


9:15-10:00 AM Saturday mornings: Starting January 6th


The participants will develop appreciation for their bodies through movement as they work individually, with partners, and as a group through workouts that will teach bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, and more.

Focuses will include strength, endurance, muscle-building, and metabolic conditioning, as well as stretching, balance, and coordination--all within the context of healthy habits and skills of empowerment.

For only $99, the young women will experience 6 Saturday sessions, 9:15-10:00 AM.