Instructor Position at Dragon Gym Martial Arts and Fitness

Job Brief

We are looking for a Children's Martial Arts Instructor to join our team! You will be responsible for teaching and supervising students daily, working with fellow instructors on and off the mat to provide the best martial arts instruction in the area. You will be working with students individually and as a group, helping them to learn self-defense, grow in confidence, and develop as strong leaders in our community.

The ideal candidate must be extremely reliable and passionate about teaching martial arts. They will know how to patiently work with children of all ages, maintain strong communication with coworkers, and instruct a fun and motivational class that makes learning self defense an easy and meaningful process.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend weekly staff and curriculum meetings.

  • Review and memorize designated curriculum in advance to teaching.

  • Instruct skills in age-specific classes, directly addressing students’ specific stage of development.

  • Perform designated warm ups, and demonstrate techniques.

  • Modulate teaching and communication style based on students’ Social, Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual stage of development

  • Consistently demonstrate patience, control, and understanding.

  • Remain in constant communication with managers and lead instructors in regards to student’s progress and updates for parents.

  • Maintain personal training in martial arts skill, constantly seeking to better your personal study of martial arts and fitness.

  • Demonstrate strong communication and time management skills.

  • Act as a strong and exemplary mentor to students.

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