Dear Prospective Martial Arts Student and Family:

Choosing a martial arts program and instructor isn’t just about location, class times and costs. There’s a lot more to consider when thinking about which school is the best fit for you and your family. And not every martial arts school or program is a good match. Some emphasize things that might be unimportant to you. Others may or may not have instructors qualified and skilled at providing for a special need you or a family member might require.

And it’s not all about price. Sure, price matters. But it’s not the only thing that’s important to you. And once you’ve decided to learn and to practice a martial art you want the very best results possible for a price that’s fair.

And, if you need more information or...if you need or want our help we’re here for you to chat about the choice.

And we’ll tell you if our program or another is best match for you or your family. You see we’re not for everyone. And we turn away students who aren’t a good match. We’re interested in being sure that we can meet and exceed your needs and expectations...for yourself and/or your child or children. If we don’t think we can, we’ll tell you.

And, before joining any program, including ours, make sure that you get a chance to see if we’re a perfect match. Ask about their trial program and find out if it’s right for you.

It’s a complicated choice. So, we’ve compiled this Quick Guide to help guide you through what can seem like an overwhelming process. Don’t sign up with any gym or program until you’ve thought and asked about these factors!

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Somnath Sikdar
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Master, 7th Dan Black Belt