How To Choose An Online Kids Martial Arts Program
Like most parents, you're probably looking for positive and productive activities for your children.
During this unusual situation, our children are now at home for their educations and extra-curricular activities. Your responsibilities as a parent have at least doubled. (As a parent of a newborn and 6-year old, I can safely say 5 to 10 times)
Now, you're looking for something that will keep them engaged physically, mentally and socially.  Something you know is good for the mind, body, and spirit.
Something that continues to...
  • Build their confidence and self-discipline
  • Develops their focus and patience
  • Instills a kindness, empathy, and compassion that's built on self-reliance and self-confidence.
These are all derived from the structure, teamwork and play found in a martial arts school. But, with the shutdowns, that has all been taken away.
The institutions we've relied on to help bring up our children are now gone or fundamentally transformed.
But, you're still looking for something that will help ensure that they're happy, healthy and successful in the long run.
You need to make sure they don't fall behind and lose everything they've achieved till now.
Martial Arts classes used to be a great solution, and they still can be.
"Online" or "Virtual" martial arts programs are sprouting up like weeds to take advantage of what's happening now.
And, like before, not all martial arts programs are built the same. It takes a lot more than a webcam and a fancy light kit to deliver the true value of martial arts.
This situation also presents a unique opportunity. Access to a great martial arts program was often limited by where you live and how nearby a good gym was.
Perhaps you've already been training and now that's no longer available.  Maybe your local martial arts studio is shut down.  For that reason, we're offering this program. 
With online training, you can get access to great programs and instructors like we have here at the Dragon Gym, no matter where you live
You're looking for a good gym, high-quality instructors, as well as the skills and tools to bring that effectively to a virtual world.
We don't know how long this is going to last and if things will ever get back to "normal".
While the situation has changed, the challenges that our children face haven't gone away. In a sense, they've increased.
So, it's up to us, as parents, to find the best, most effective, and the most enjoyable programs for our children, and do that right now.
And, that's not as easy as it first seems...
Of course, it's a complicated choice and an important decision. That's why we've put together this quick and must-have guide to choosing the best online martial arts program for your child or children.
And, we're here to help.  Reach out to us at any time and we'll help guide you through the process.

Here are some important factors to consider when you select an online martial arts program for your child or children:

How long has the school you're considering been established and how long have they run a specific children's program?

Generally speaking, the longer the better.  While it's not always true, when the local community has supported as martial arts school for decades it's more likely to be a better choice than one that's just popped up and has no proven history.

For example, the Dragon Gym has been teaching martial arts and children's martial arts programs specifically for almost 50 years. We have multiple locations and we specialize in teaching martial arts to children.


What are the qualifications of the Instructors?

How do you evaluate their level of expertise as martial artists?
  • What is their martial arts rank?
  • How many years have they been teaching?
  • Do they teach folks who share my same needs and concerns?
  • Do they teach children in an age-appropriate way?
  • Have they studied several disciplines to become better and more well-rounded teachers?

How long have they been teaching children?

  • Are they professional, full-time instructors dedicated to the program and needs of your child?
  • Are they trained and certified as teachers and not just achieved a belt rank? You see rank is important, but you can have a high-ranking instructor with little experience and training as a teacher. You want both. Rank AND skilled as an instructor.

What Sort of Programs does the school offer?

  • Does the school offer a trial program to ensure that your child is enrolled in the best program, for them?
  • Does the school offer a structured, curriculum-based belt progression system? This has been proved to help children achieve their goals
  • Does it offer well-developed and age-specific programs to meet the different needs of children
  • Have the split the classes into a sufficient number of age groups?
  • Does it offer a way to communicate with the instructors so that the students can get feedback and stay on track with their milestones?
  • Does the school teach life-skills in addition to martial arts, fitness and self-defense
  • Does the school have a robust schedule, offering multiple class options per week?
  • Is the school atmosphere family-oriented? Yes, even online this matters.


How do you get started?

Before you commit a lot of resources as a parent, you want to make sure the school is going to do a good job. Taking into consideration everything above, ultimately what matters is if they're getting your child to take martial arts classes online in a way that's fun, engaging and produces both enthusiasm and results.
So, you want to look for some type of introductory offer that's available for a limited time. Intro offers may range from one or two classes to a few weeks. 
For example, at Dragon Gym we start all of our new online children students with a 4-week trial. It's just $19 and up to 5 classes per week to make sure our program will be a great fit for your children.

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