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That Gets You Slim, Toned, &
Healthy - FAST!

If you've never worked with kettlebells - you're in for a treat. It's a fun, unique workout that burns fat, builds lean muscle, and leaves you feeling great. Even if you have worked with kettlebells - we guarantee you've never done it quite like this.

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Russian Kettlebell Certified
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You're Looking For

Each of our instructors is certified in kettlebells. That means they know the best exercises for the fastest results. You'll have fun, get motivated to reach your goals and push past your limits, and burn fat in all of your stubborn trouble sports.

Boost Strength,
Flexibility & Stamina

Every class works from head to toe, with a mixture of aerobic & anaerobic exercises. As a result, you'll get stronger, more coordinated, more limber, and more energized.

You'll feel different in your everyday life. Positive mood changes and reduced stress are common with our members.

Our Members Speak Out
Life-Changing Results

Kettlebells has been instumental in helping me achieve new levels of fitness and mobility. As a full-time police officer, I cannot afford to be restricted or in pain while on the job. I highly recommend any and all of Pat's educational materials, bootcamps & workshops.

Gerry DiNunzio, Jr.

Gerry DiNunzio

Diana is an amazing instructor. She always pushes you past what you thought was your limit and keeps you coming back for more! She incorporates body weight exercises along with the workouts and is always introducing you to new moves. She rocks!

Kelly Donahue

Kelly Donahue

Another great kettle bell boot camp this morning! Thanks for being a great motivator and a highly informed teacher. I was just reflecting on the time since I started working with you going back to March 16 of this year.

Looks like this: I started out at 208 pounds and on June 2nd weighed in at 179! At 55 years old, I feel great! No more fatigue from daily cardio. Also love that I'm spending less time in the gym and now have more free time. Efficient is the word I'd use.

John Cosgrove

John Cosgrove

I am forever thankful and indebted to all of my family at the gym for supporting me along my journey (And, yes, I do consider them my extended family. Most, if not all, of my family and friends know that if there is a kettlebell class or event at the gym, I'll be there first and THEN I am free for other social activities).

I am especially thankful of Diana Volante for being my kettlebell mentor, supplement guru and friend. You have changed my life. I look forward to setting more training goals for 2013. Trust me, there's no stopping me now.

Kristin Dankanich

Kristin Dankanich

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I'm REALLY Out Of Shape?

When you join our Kettlebells' bootcamp or classes, you become a part of something much greater than just a workout program. You become part of an incredibly supportive and encouraging community. I have helped literally thousands of people of all shapes and sizes get into the best shape of their life. Our system is progressive and will work for ANYONE who commits to it. You will never be expected to do more than what you are currently capable of, and unlike most other group fitness classes you will never feel embarassed or left behind.

Can I Bring a Friend?

Absolutely. Actually, we've found that beginners that start with a friend tend to get better results faster!

Do I Need Any Prior Kettlebell Experience?

Not at all! Our bootcamps and classes are completely progressive - meaning we teach you exactly everything you need to know to safely and effectively work out with kettlebells! We take great pride in being a "movement first" based system - meaning our first priority is safety and to help you develop perfect form.

Most people who start our bootcamp have never even touched a kettlebell - but quickly fall in love with it!