Make Sure Your Kids Are Ready To Do Well in School Every Day

Would you like to know how a great Children's Martial Arts Community can help your kids have good grades, great manners, and excellent trouble shooting skills helping you ensure that they are happy, healthy and successful in life?

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Do you sometimes feel that your efforts as a parent, and those of your child's teachers, aren't being grasped or fully understood by your child?

Maybe they're not listening to you at home, are struggling at school or you just feel they would benefit from more focus and self-discipline. 

Think about this question for a moment...

What do top-performing individuals do differently than the majority of “normal folks?”

One thing they do is constantly learn new things and set new goals for themselves. They tend to always be moving forward and doing things that initially may be quite uncomfortable, including a variety of physical activity. They also tend to be in constant “training and learning mode.”

The same things go for top-performing kids!

Back to School Martial Arts Confidence Courses in Exton and Berwyn, PAStudy after study has shown that kids behave better and perform better in school and in social situations when they are actively involved in growth and goal-oriented programs, like martial arts.

There’s a simple reason for this. Well structured extra-curricular programs provide the necessary focus and discipline for students to excel academically and physically. Your child will be more successful because of their involvement in our program (we believe in this philosophy so much we’re even willing to guarantee the results).

Our age-specific martial arts program is known to encourage focus, confidence and respect in children.

We know that kids need basic organizing principles, they thrive on the right kind of structure and consistency. We want them to operate optimally at school and in their extra-curricular activities.

The 4-week Confidence course preps them to get the edge. It starts on August 14th, and is designed for 4 different age groups: 3 & 4 year olds, 5 & 6 year olds, 7 to 9 year olds and 10 to 13 year olds.

Each of these groups will have different academic and social needs when school starts and we have just the program.

Just $169 includes 2-3 classes per week and a full martial arts uniform.

In just 4 weeks your child will learn to:

  • Be more focused.
  • Develop personal confidence
  • Cultivate respect for themselves and others
  • Use a goal setting framework for success

Money Back Promise

If you're worried that your child won't like Martial Arts or you're unsure that they'll receive all the great life long benefits like focus, confidence and respect, you can try it out with no risk. We teach these skills in a fun, age appropriate manner so that kids love the program and learn the Martial Arts and Life skills that serve them for years.

But, If you're not satisfied after 4 weeks, we'll refund your money - AND you get to keep the uniform and the positive changes learn during the course.

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4 Week Back to School Confidence Course Sign Up Button Kids Martial Arts


During the course, they'll discover:

Week 1 → Agility: The mindset to move quickly and easily

Week 2 → Courage: Facing the unknown and overcoming one's fear

Week 3 → Perseverance: Having determination when something gets difficult

Week 4 → Concentration: Exclusive attention to the task at hand

Put us to the test!

Our rock solid money back guarantee is one you can rely on. We guarantee that your child will be more focused, confident and respectful at the end of four weeks or your money back, and your child gets to keep the uniform and the positive changes they learned.

There’s no risk to you, and you have the potential of setting your child on the path to be happier, healthier and more successful in life. 

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Plus: Here are some great ideas to help children focus.

Emphasize paying attention to each other. There are many times when you can only give your children a small portion of your attention. However, when your child has something important to tell you, look your child in the eye and really listen. Similarly, expect the same from your child when you have something important to tell them. Have your child repeat back what you told them and show the proper response.  

Limit “I can’t” phrases. We all have things we can’t do, but focus on what you can. Follow “can’t” phrases with what you can do.

Lose your fear. Don’t fall into the “I can’t do that because something bad will happen” trap. Don’t set fearful limits, because you don’t want your kids to learn that from you.

Find solutions. When your child comes to you and makes excuses for why something wasn’t done, ask what could be done to make it happen. “I didn’t clean my room because I didn’t have time” becomes “Perhaps if I only played for 30 minutes instead of an hour, I would have had 30 minutes to clean” 

Check it out before Sunday August 13th.


To Sign Up 4 Week Confidence Course Online Click Here for Access Now

4 Week Back to School Confidence Course Sign Up Button Kids Martial Arts

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