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MONDAY & TUESDAY: Students will review Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Skillz Stripes.
WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: Students will review *Orange, **White, Black, and Purple Skillz Stripes.
*Core Skillz and Extreme Skillz students will need boards. **Extreme Skillz students Green Belt and up will need sparring gear.
FRIDAY: Students will review Red, Green, *Orange, and Black Skillz Stripes.
*Core Skillz and Extreme Skillz students will need boards.
SATURDAY: Students will review Blue, Yellow, *White, and Purple Skillz Stripes.
*Extreme Skillz students Green Belt and up will need sparring gear.
Time to start thinking about gold stars! Read below for details :)

What is Skillz Belt Testing?

SKILLZ Belt testing is when the students in each of our age-specific children's programs (Early, Basic, Core, Extreme) test for their next belt. This is also when junior black belt students test for their intermediate color stripes. We hold these tests every 11 weeks. Pre-testing is completed during the week and the final tests / belt ceremony is held on Friday or Saturday.

The Test form is included as an attachment. In the test form, you'll find the form itself, the testing questions to be answered and submitted along with the form, and the event calendar and testing schedule. Students should print this form and bring it with them during their weekday test. 


The Dragon Gym Gold Star System

The three key areas of the children’s martial arts program are tied together by our belt promotion and gold star system. The martial arts system inherently teaches children about setting short and long-term goals. The long-term goal is Black Belt and the short term goals are the color belts.

Children learn how to break down a large task into smaller attainable pieces. When they are successful in these small steps they develop confidence and eventually leadership.

With each belt test we ask for feedback on how your child is doing at home and at school. So, we’ll need some information when it comes times for a belt promotion.

On the student’s test form, you’ll let us know if your child is doing “Excellent”, “Good” or “Poor” at home in terms of attitude, behavior, listening, getting along with siblings, etc. We also ask that you get similar feedback from your child’s school-teacher.

As long as a student receives “Good” from both you, the parent, and his/her school teacher, they will be eligible for belt promotion.

If you child receives two “Excellent” scores then they will be awarded a Gold Star at the belt promotion to wear on their uniform collar.

Finally, if any “Poor” ratings are indicated a conversation between the instructors and parents should occur. During this conversation, we will discuss ways to improve this rating and if belt promotion should be withheld for a period of time.


TEST QUESTIONS: *Please note these have been UPDATED!*

Test Questions are to be completed by the student and submitted with the test form. They are included in the test form document, which is enclosed as an attachment, but can also be found here:

EARLY Students: What will be your promise to your parents?
BASIC Students: What will be your promise to you parents? What can you do every day to keep your promise?
CORE Students: (answer the question according to your current belt color)

  • Core White Belt: What two things, besides physical techniques, should you be practicing? What is your favorite part about class so far? What is your least favorite part?
  • Core Orange Belt: When someone says "just be yourself," what does that mean? How can you set a good example for new students on how to be yourself?
  • Core Yellow Belt: What does "fitting in" mean? What are two ways you can help new students feel as though they "fit in"? What is your favorite technique to use in board breaking?
  • Core Green Belt: What does Black Belt mean to you? What are you most excited to learn and do as you continue to train in martial arts? Write a promise to yourself about your training.
  • Core Purple Belt: What are some things you can do to make sure you are on time for class? Why it important to be punctual? What does being tardy say about you to others? How can you make "timeliness" a habit?
  • Core Blue Belt: Record three ways you can work toward receiving an "Excellent" from both your parents and your teachers (6 methods in total). What should you do if you don't receive your gold star? 
  • Core Brown Belt: Every class, we state that we are at Dragon Gym to learn self defense and to improve our character. What does this mean? How would you define "character" in your own words? Give three examples of "good" character.
  • Core Red Belt: What are you most excited for when you move up to the Extreme class? Define the word perseverance, and how it relates to your martial arts journey, and how you will persevere through obstacles in the near future.
  • Extreme Recommend: What does Black Belt mean to you? Write down three goals that you have for youself: 1 academic goal, 1 martial arts goal, and 1 personal goal. How will you achieve each of these three goals?

EXTREME Students: ALL Extreme Skillz students must answer the following questions.

  • Define CONTROL.  Then answer one, or both of the following:
    1. Here's an example: you and a friend have gotten into an argument. You promised them you'd be at their birthday party but now you can't. What can you CONTROL in this situation? Is there anything you are unable to CONTROL? Describe two ways you can use CONTROL to help amend the situation and keep your friendship in tact.
    2. As Dragon Gym students, what can / should you exert CONTROL over as leaders in the community? How does this aspect of CONTROL work? For example, if you were/are a Junior Instructor, what should you work to control?

JUNIOR BLACK BELT Students: Each question must be answered with a 5-7 sentence paragraph (at least!). For each Dan, students must answer with an additional paragraph. (i.e. 2nd Dan = 2 paragraphs, 3rd Dan = 3)

  • White Stripe: What does black belt mean to you? Has your understanding of black belt changed as your training has progressed?
  • Orange Stripe: What does black belt mean to you? Has your understanding of black belt changed as your training has progressed?
  • Yellow Stripe: As a black belt, how should you contribute to your community? Describe three ways you can get involved and volunteer to help those less fortunate than you.
  • Green Stripe: What does perseverance mean? Explain the difference between physical, mental, and emotional perseverance. Why are each of these important?
  • Purple Stripe: What is your greatest goal in your life? List three obstacles that may stand in your way. What will you do to get past these obstacles to achieve your goal?
  • Blue Stripe: Define patience. Why is patience important as a Black Belt? Why is patience important at school? Why is patience important at home? Explain how you would teach patience to a younger student who looks up to you.
  • Brown Stripe: What does integrity mean? Why is it important to have integrity? Describe a mentor or leader that you look up to that exemplifies your definition of integrity. What other characteristics do they possess that make them a strong role model?
  • Red Stripe: List 5 words that describe your character. Are there times where you deviate from these character traits? How do you deal with that?
  • Ee Dan Bo: In order to be self aware, we have to be able to understand our personal values. What are some questions you can ask yourself to determine what you value most in your life? Write three questions for yourself, and then answer them.
  • Ee Dan Bo Stripe: Have you ever been in a situation where you felt as though your decisions were being made by the group instead of by you? Write about it. How do you feel about it? What did you learn from it? If placed in that situation again in the future, what could you do to ensure that you stick by what you value most?


Skillz Test Week Summary (DECEMBER 4-9)

Here's a Summary of Skillz Test week which starts on Monday, December 4.


Test and Ceremony on the same day during their regular class time. Once the students test, they do not need to attend again during test week.

White, Orange, Yellow Belts test on Monday at 4:45 PM or Tuesday at 4:15 PM
Green Belts and up test on Wednesday at 4:45 PM or Thursday at 4:15 PM
All Basic students attend the belt ceremony on Friday at 5:00 PM

White, Orange, Yellow Belts test on Monday at 5:30 PM or Tuesday at 5PM
Green Belts and up test on Wednesday at 5:30 PM or Thursday at 5PM
All Core Students attend the belt ceremony on Friday at 5:45 PM

White, Orange, Yeloow Belts test on Monday at 6:15 PM or Tuesday at 5:45 PM
Green Belts and up test on Wednesday at 6:15 PM or Thursday at 5:45 PM
All Extreme Students attend the belt ceremony on Saturday at 9:30 AM

1st Degree Junior Black Belts test on Tuesday at 6:30 PM or Thursday at 6:30 PM
2nd /3rd Degree Junior Black Belts test on Tuesday at 5:45 PM or Thursday at 5:45 PM
All Junior Black Belt Students attend the belt ceremony on Saturday at 10:15 AM.



Monday AND Tuesday: Bring Your Parent to Class Day! You read that correctly--time for our ninjas to bring to class their best buddies of all: moms and dads.

Wednesday AND Thursday: American Ninja Warrior Day! Are you ready to complete the American Ninja Warrior Course? Let the challenge begin, and bring a BUDDY!

Friday & Saturday: Game Day! Bring a buddy to compete with as we play our DG game favorites!

Don’t forget your permission form ;)