Our Children’s Martial Arts program is based on the curriculum of three major styles: Tae Kwon Do (sometimes called Korean Karate), kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We’ve studied all of these styles for decades to become more experienced teachers with the goal of developing well-rounded martial arts students.

Our hope is not only to develop the students physically, but also emotionally, socially, and intellectually so they do well in school and grow to be upstanding members and leaders in the community. 

Lastly, our program is age-specific. The curriculum is designed to be appropriate for the age of the student so each class is “just right:” not too hard, but also not too easy, which often happens when to many age groups are lumped together.  In this way, the students are challenged and set up for success. Students in our program typically end up in the 90th percentile or higher of their age group.