Our classes at Dragon Gym are designed to be the perfect place for beginners. As you will notice once your child starts their classes here, they will often work with fellow beginners as well as students who have been with us for a while. This allows them to feel comfortable in classes, as they are not the only beginner, and it also allows them to learn by modeling the behavior of the higher-ranking students.

As white belts, beginners learn discipline, respect, and precision from watching the higher belts. Like sponges, they absorb information through a sort of observational osmosis.

Surrounding white belts with fellow students who are beginners, as well as more experienced students allows for not only intrapersonal learning (solitary—intrinsic motivation and self-study), but also visual learning (spatial learning—observation of instructors and peers);  aural learning (learning via linguistic input—instruction and command); interpersonal (collaborative social learning—group dynamic and team cohesion through partner work, team goal setting, and social interaction);  and kinesthetic learning (learning via physical interaction and stimulation), among others.

Additionally, our more experienced students learn by setting examples for our beginners and through opportunities to teach and demonstrate techniques for their peers. There’s a power in combinations here. Because each child learns differently, our beginner-friendly classes allow for an idealized learning environment—no matter your child’s most effective learning style.