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Do you live in West Chester, PA?  Are you considering martial arts training for yourself or your family?  Consider the Dragon Gym West Chester martial arts program.  We have been teaching martial arts to the residents of West Chester for over 50 years.   The Dragon Gym was founded by Grand Master Chae Teok Goh in the early seventies and the martial arts school is currently owned and operated by Somnath Sikdar, Lonnie Beck and Chris Taylor.

They are proud to continue this rich martial arts tradition and continue to share the benefits of martial arts with the people of West Chester.   Since the 1970s the martial arts school has evolved from teaching Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and Hapkido.  In addition to those traditional martial arts, we now offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes.   We also offer Powerlifting, Russian Kettlebell, and Power Yoga Classes.

When adults and kids learn martial arts, they study things like self-defense, blocks, kicks, strikes, boxing, throws, takedowns and grappling.  However, they also learn much more.  They learn about a positive mindset, discipline, humility, and friendship.   These four pillars are the crux of the martial arts system at the Dragon Gym.

If you are interested, please more information on our Adult Martial Arts page here.


Some highlights of the Adult Martial Arts training at the Dragon Gym in West Chester, PA. The traditional martial arts program at the Dragon Gym is headed by Somnath Sikdar. The approach is traditional, not dogmatic. It is traditional in the sense that we train martial arts for the sake of training martial arts not for competition, self-protection, or fitness specifically. Of course, these are often goals and/or benefits that each student will reap. However, we don't do things because that's the way they've always been done. We incorporate what makes sense from both sports science and a variety of martial arts.


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Also, some inspiring stories from our West Chester Martial Arts Kids Programs.

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