Free Webinar: 5 Things Every Man and Woman Must Know About Self Defense

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Somnath Sikdar, Lonnie Beck, Chris Taylor

Monday, December 10th.

7:00 PM EST

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Here's What You Will Learn: 

  • Know the difference between a hard target and a soft target. Make yourself a hard target
    • People that prey on other people are experts at threat mitigation. They will make decisions that keep them upright, profitable, and out of jail. The harder you are to attack or prey upon the safer you will generally be.
  • Understand Situational Awareness
    • Pay. Attention. Things are happening all around you, never let yourself get surprised. Practice having broader attentiveness when in public.
  • Precursors for Attack
    • Our body language betrays our thoughts. Knowing that an attack is coming keeps you from getting caught off guard. Eye contact, lack of eye contact, nervousness, non-contextually appropriate smiling, verbal contact and repeated verbal contact can all be indicators of pending attack
  • The law and your ethics
    • You need to know two things above and beyond all else. How far will you go and how far can you go. You need to understand the difference between self-defense and assault or murder. You also need to know what and how far you are willing to go.
  • Learning self-defense is a process not a project.
    • Much like cleaning your garage or basement, spending a day learning self-defense and then letting it go isn’t going to do much for you. Instead a routine training, just like routine cleanliness will provide so much more.
  • ​The Best Martial Arts to Study for Self-Defense
    • ​Many martial arts claim to teach self-defense.  Which is the best style to learn?  Is it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Hapkido, Muay Thai?   Or, is style less important than the goals of the class and instructor?  We'll go over what you should look for if you interested in a self-defense-specific program. 

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