I don't always re-post content.  But, I thought this was really good.   It was shared with me by a friend who also owns a martial arts school in the Main Line area.  

Here are some of my take aways on business, leadership and parenting from this talk:

1. Much of what Simon Sinek talks about is very congruous with Jocko Willink's Extreme Ownership, another favorite of mine.  I had the privilege of meeting Jocko a few years ago.  His message of "Commander's Intent" and taking responsibility for what happens down and up the management change really made a lot of sense to me.   Sinek's Start with Why is espousing the same values; however, his framework and the idea of being purpose driven resonates better with the millenials and younger generations. 

2. Being a leader is not about being "in charge"; it is about taking care of those "in our charge". 

3. The instant gratification enabled by technology really is hurting our kids.  Sinek explains why from a neurological / physiological standpoint.  Unless we change this behavior, we are setting them up for addiction. 

4. Connection - Millenials, as well as generations older and younger, are starving for connection.   We are more connected technologically than ever; however, real meaningful relationships are lacking.  We never gave them the tools to make these relationships. 

5. Know the game you are playing - Sinek discuses finite and infinite games from game theory.   If we are playing the right game, competition in business no longer matters.   If we are playing the right game in parenting, all of the clutter will fade away for what really matter. 

6. If you grew up in an asian / south asian household you might disagree with what he says about seven minutes in.   :-)


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