All of our new BJJ students start the same way with our 3 Class Quick Start Program.  It's three Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes plus "the gi" for just $69.

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Martial Arts like Karate and Taekwondo have been popular for kids for the last 30+ years.  However, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is only now gaining popularity among adults and kids-specific BJJ programs are few are far between. 

Well, at Dragon Gym we specialize in teaching martial arts to children.  This goes beyond the "style" of martial arts we teach. 

More important than what we teach, is how we teach.  All of our children's classes are developed and designed with the youthful student in mind.   What are their needs: socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually? 

A child (and children of different ages) need to be kept engaged in different way in order to make sure that their martial arts classes deliver the long term benefits we, as parents, are looking for. 

And, more important than how we teach is why we teach. 

We are teaching kids martial arts to help make sure they are Happy, Healthy and Successful in Life. 

Here are 3 More Reasons to Consider Enrolling Your Child in a Kids-Specific Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program.

They Learn Discipline and Respect

Children enjoy learning in the BJJ and Martial Arts environment.  As such they develop respect for teachers, peers and themselves.  They also begin to understand that consistent work yields results.  They see that disciplined (consistent) behavior helps them attain more of what they want (and need).  As a result the discipline and respect they learn on the BJJ mats carries over to their school work and eventually professional life. 

They Develop Self-Confidence.

Self-Confidence is derived from competence.  When a child is assured in their capabilities, they have more confidence in themselves.  Plus, martial arts training, and BJJ training specifically, teaches them how to defend themselves and deal with unknown situations.  A sense of safety and well-being is a necessary precursor to self-confidence.  When a child has a strong sense of self-confidence they will be less likely to succumb to peer-pressure.  And, they will be more likely to take appropriate risks and be pro-active.  Both necessary traits for success. 

They Develop Friendships and Social Connections

On a personal note, I am still friends with many of my martial arts classmates.  These are folks I've known for 30+ years.  Even when we lose touch, two decades in some cases, the bond remains tight and we are able to reconnect the friendship.   In the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts setting kids learn to work with kids their same age, kids slightly younger than them and kids slightly older than them.   They work together towards a common goal, and they compete against each other in a friendly and constructive way.  This is a microcosm for life.  They learn to work well with peers, near-peers and mentors to improve themselves and improve the team.   As a result, these kids develop better relationships at school, at work and at home. 

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