Here are driving directions to get from Dragon Gym Headquarters in Exton, PA to Dragon Gym Main Line located in Berwyn, PA.  It's a 14 mile drive and will take you about 18 minutes: 

1. Start out going northwest on S Whitford Rd toward Quarry Ln.

Then 0.30 miles0.30 total miles

2. Turn right onto Commerce Dr.

  1. Commerce Dr is 0.1 miles past Quarry Ln

  2. If you reach Creamery Way you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

Then 0.88 miles1.19 total miles

3. Take the 3rd right onto S Pottstown Pike/PA-100.

  1. S Pottstown Pike is 0.1 miles past Main St

Then 0.45 miles1.64 total miles

4. Turn left to take the US-30 E ramp toward King of Prussia/Philadelphia.

  1. 0.1 miles past Bartlett Ave

  2. If you are on Whiteland Woods Rd and reach Birchwood Dr you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

Then 0.07 miles1.71 total miles

5. Merge onto US-30 E/Exton Byp E.

Then 1.75 miles3.46 total miles

6. Merge onto US-202 N toward King of Prussia.

Then 6.91 miles10.37 total miles

7. Take the exit toward PA-252/Paoli.

Then 0.23 miles10.61 total miles

8. Turn right onto Swedesford Rd.

Then 0.26 miles10.87 total miles

9. Take the 2nd right onto Bearhill Rd/PA-252.

  1. Bearhill Rd is just past Brookside Dr

  2. If you are on Howellville Rd and reach Bodine Rd you've gone about 0.5 miles too far

Then 1.33 miles12.20 total miles

10. Turn left onto E Lancaster Ave/US-30 E.

  1. E Lancaster Ave is just past Maple Ave

  2. If you are on Leopard Rd and reach Paoli Shopping Ctr you've gone a little too far

Then 1.65 miles13.85 total miles
  1. 11. 812 LANCASTER AVE.

    1. Your destination is just past Walnut Ave

    2. If you reach Central Ave you've gone a little too far


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