...and our bodies, and our minds

There is so much "clutter" in our lives is easy to let our physical health and mental well being get away from us.  And, the reality is, working out a couple time a week may just not be enough.

You may have heard this saying before: "It's 80% diet and 20% exercise"

I disagree.

To me, it's 100% Diet and 100% exercise.  We need to be eating right and exercising right.

But, that's hard to do because there is too much clutter.

Clutter in our schedules, Clutter in our homes and offices, Clutter in our minds

Clutter causes stress and leads to poor results...personally, physically, and professionally.

By now, you're probably thinking "I've tried diets and exercise programs before, but they haven't worked for me."   

Why is it that most programs don't work?

They are often too complicated or austere and they're usually missing a critical component, be it diet, physical exercise or even the mental aspect.

For all of the technical flaws in various programs, I've found that people tend to fail for three primary reasons:

  1. They don't have the knowledge of how to put a complete program together
  2. The don't have a workable plan of action that puts together all of the components required for success
  3. They don't have the support system required to make the lifestyle changes necessary to not only achieve their goals, but to also MAINTAIN them for life.

So, what am I getting at?

We've put together and tested the DG Primal 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation and would like you take take part in the next one that starts on 9/112017

Yes, I know, another 21 day challenge...but this one is different, let me show you why:

From Master Lonnie:

"I started the 21-days at 191lbs. A relatively higher level of stress and low quality of sleep every night

After 21 days I’m down to 179.9 lbs and have greatly improved my quality of sleep each night. I have completely eliminated sugars, processed carbohydrates, alcohol and all grains from my diet. I feel lighter, more fit and more importantly I feel better in my own skin.

Through my Gratitude Game plan and Reconnections I have fulfilled something inside of me that was heavy on my conscience everyday. I am closer to the important people in my life and when my head hits the pillow each night I feel better about myself physically and mentally which has lead to the greatest reduction of stress levels I’ve ever experienced."

As I mentioned, we tested this program first.  Here's what some of our friends and colleagues from around the country have achieved.

Lori P:

"I have never stuck to a diet as good as I have been since we started this. My joints don't hurt like usual,I feel pretty good except for being very sore from push ups, and kickboxing . My stress level is very high, but I know it's important to make changes and stay with it. It's amazing how much better and longer I can walk . I was 306 the monday morning we started .  Right now I am fluctuating between 287and 288 ."


William M:

"Doing great, I really like how I feel more mobility in my joints. It looks like I'm going to end with about 16 or 17 lbs down from when I started. Even though I love this diet I actually felt stronger than normal on the diet with the fasting involved. It really blows my mind how the body can be manipulated to achieve different results. I now look at what I put in my body and when I put it in on a whole different spectrum. Thanks Lonnie Beck for the knowledge you share with us. Melody Shuman, thank you for giving us the ability to build our charcter on a level no one else has ever done for me. Somnath Sikdar thank you for giving us clear structure and game plans to implement. It all helps with stress and feeling better when you have this kind of support."


Andrew A:

"This has been an amazing journey. I feel like I have been set up for success with some great nutritional, personal, and mental guidelines. Huge thanks to Lonnie Beck and Somnath Sikdar for putting this together and Melody Shuman for providing the encouragement and example!

Weight Prior 188-192, as of 8/28 179 (its been forever since I’ve broke the 170’s)"


Jennifer S:

"Intellectually: My head has been clearer due to less brain fog from the bad foods I was consuming before. I’ve been more focused and, therefore, more productive.

Socially: I am more “present” when I am with John, my kids, my pets, and other family and friends. I have been making it a point to not be distracted by work or my phone when I’m in a conversation with others.

Emotionally: Being more aware of things I am thankful for has helped me not get caught up in the little things that may not go my way each day. This has increased my positive outlook on things which makes me a better wife, mother, etc. as well as a better business owner and community member.

Physically: I didn’t weigh myself or take measurements at the beginning of this journey or at the end but I can tell the changes by the way my clothes fit and by the fact that I just feel better my in own skin. My large shirts are now loose and I’m wearing my mediums again. (still a little snug, but I’m in them!)

Now we are at day 2 after the challenge and I have continued to avoid foods that I always loved, not because I don’t think I can have them once in a while, but more because I don’t want to go back to feeling how I did before. Routines are still in place and mindset is still positive! "


Heidi B:

"It is so scary how much crap is in food out there. I never feel stuffed anymore, i love playing with the different flavors while cooking. Coconut aminos and citrus fruits are the the bomb diggity.

Weight change - down 8 lbs"


Kaari T:

"I'm so impressed with everyone's stats! 

💪 Here are mine: Weight - 127...118.5 (8.5 lbs lost)

Even today I couldn't bring myself to eat sugar and grains... I hope this lasts! 

:) Thank you to everyone for their support!"


Still with me?

Ok, so here are the details of the DG Primal 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation

The DG Primal Challenge will begin the process to re-wire your genes through eating the way humans were designed to, by managing sleep and creating morning/evening rituals that will lead to a healthy mind and body, increased happiness, more productive and meaningful days and a life with direction and purpose.   

There's no supplements or special vitamins to take, just eat real, clean food.

The 21-Day Challenge will provide the following:

  • Where are you now Pre-Assessment
  • Secret Support Group
  • Meal guidelines
  • Breaking your biggest mental and emotional habits
  • Breaking daily addictions
  • New Morning rituals (Daily logs, increasing serotonin production)
  • Daily Mindset Nuggets
  • Exercise Philosophy
  • New Evening rituals (increasing natural melatonin production)


START DATE: 1/08/2018





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