This week was full of camp fun! With an intense week of Jiu Jitsu Camp and July Booster Camps, the gym was full of happy and hard working ninjas.
Our Jiu Jitsu Summer Camp was full of drills, and man did these kids drill hard, many of whom have come from putting on their gis for the first time to being able to spar and submit. 
We have to say--we can't wait for next summer's Jiu Jitsu Camp!
Our Booster Camp kids were also hard at work this week. It was hot out on the mats, but these kids trained for hours to nail the brand new curriculum and get ahead of the game. We're so proud of them, and we can't wait for the camps in August!
On Saturday, our Junior Instructors took their Seven Steps of Teaching a Drill Certification Course.
The focus our Junior Instructors demonstrated in working toward their certifications was so inspiring. These kids are true leaders, in their dedication, passion, and in the examples they set, and we couldn't be more proud of their hard work. We can't wait to announce those that earned their certifications next week!
Today's Sunday Shoutout goes to our Olympic Sparring team and their fearless leader, Mr. Kyle! The kids you see here are the epitome of good sportsmanship.
In martial arts, particularly in sparring, sportsmanship is not an easy thing. It requires humility, compassion, and above all, a selfless desire for your partner to learn and grow in their training just as you wish the same for yourself.
Our Olympic Sparring students are learning that putting 100% effort in being a great training partner is just as important as putting 100% into your training, and we couldn't be more proud to watch them push and motivate each other to work harder, lift each other up, and hold each other accountable. This is sportsmanship.
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