Let’s leave some bad habits behind while attempting to hit goals this year:

- Be accountable. 

Whether you miss work outs or get off with your nutrition (or both), recognize it and work from there to get back to consistency.  Making excuses every time you mess up and writing it off only leads to doing it more in the future.

- “I’m going to get back on track.”

Common saying for people who somehow can’t stick to a schedule they said was easily doable.  If you’re saying this every couple months, you need to reevaluate how much of a priority your goals aren’t.  Unless you’re injured or need personal time to regroup, getting hammered on a week night or that you were binge watching a Netflix series aren’t good excuses for why you continue to get off course.

- Stop taking heavy singles/maxes because you “feel good” that day or need some social media content. 

What’s important, long term results or short term?  If you find yourself constantly hitting big singles to post, you’re getting in the way of your big plan.  Plus half of you are just hitting singles everyone has seen you hit a thousand times, so what’s the point?  Find your reason for training again and work towards that, not for a social media highlight.  Once this becomes a habit, it’s easier to do as “the norm”.

- Less talking. 

Sure, the gym is a great community but using it as a social club first is taking away from the work needed to be done.  Rest times are important and you lose track of time in interesting conversations.  Save it for after the work out or fit your talking in between the break times.  You’re not only affecting your work out but also the other people in the conversation.

- Stop letting a failed lift or a bad work out dictate your progress. 

We all fail, we all have shitty work outs, it’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you’re getting worse.

- Stop thinking progress is linear. 

Long bouts of work with no “PRs” is what working out is actually about, not a constant highlight reel.  Take wins in other areas such as form/technique, how easy a working set/weight is becoming, how time efficient your weeks are starting to look.

Just a few things to think about this year!

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