Yoga is a great exercise for both your mind and body. But practicing yoga goes beyond learning basic poses and attending classes. Here are ways you can take your practice to the next level with tools, equipment, and technology for enhancing this everyday exercise.

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1. Consider an Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are an excellent addition to your yoga routine. On their own, exercise balls are a helpful piece of equipment for low-impact, core-strengthening workouts. But you can also make yoga poses more challenging by balancing on an exercise ball.

Plus, when you’re not using the ball for yoga, you can continue to work your muscles. Swap your chair for a workout ball to support better posture and higher levels of activity overall. And for pregnant or postpartum women, plenty of gentle workouts involve an exercise ball and simple stretches for overall health.

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2. Use Blocks in Yoga Practice

There are many poses you can perform without the use of tools, but adding yoga blocks to your routine can make poses more accessible and comfortable. Even if you have mobility or range-of-motion challenges, yoga is easier with blocks. Also, using blocks in specific configurations can challenge your muscles in new ways. You can find blocks in different materials, from foam to cork to wood, and they come in various sizes, too. 

3. Try a Yoga Bolster

Like yoga blocks, a bolster is a helpful prop for both beginning and expert-level yoga. You can use a yoga bolster for core exercises and pose variations to mix up your daily routine. And while yoga itself enhances flexibility and circulatory health, among other perks, using a bolster can amp up your everyday workout. As a beginner, of course, you can use the bolster for positioning support and to make challenging positions simpler to master.

4. Save by Taking Advantage of Technology

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to support your yoga practice both in and out of the studio. Consider taking advantage of an online yoga membership if you are a yoga enthusiast on a budget. Though they will never replace practicing yoga in studio, online yoga memberships offer a great alternative for yoga students interested in beginning or deepening their yoga practice from the comfort of home. You can also easily access yoga videos through a laptop, tablet, phone, or streaming device connected to your TV. Whether it’s on a TV in your living room, bedroom, or office area, you can perform yoga wherever you can plug in a device even if you’re on vacation or traveling for work. Yoga has proven to offer mental and physical health benefits, says Psychology Today. Get a free 30 days of yoga to see the benefits of practicing virtually and at home.

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