Dragon Gym Malvern Classes now in Session!

We are proud to announce: 

Dragon Gym Malvern, Kids Martial Arts Classes in Session!

This kids martial arts program is located inside of Crossfit INSPIRE: 

Dragon Gym Malvern

446 Lancaster Ave, Frazer, PA 19355


We offer age-appropriate martial arts classes for:

  • 3-5 year olds 
  • 5-7 year olds
  • 7-10 years olds 

Kids Martial Arts Classes are now in Session!

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Martial Arts teaches your child...

  • Focus, self-discipline, self-confidence, better grades, self-control, leadership, resilience and better behavior at home and school.
  • Coping skills with ADD/ADHD or social interaction skills with peers, teachers and other adults.
  • More cooperation and collaboration and less squabbling and fighting.
  • Character by practicing respect, humility, honesty, determination, compassion, resilience, service and collaboration, all with a growth mindset.
  • A sport that your child truly enjoys and embraces as their own because they have struggled to find their own way with team sports. 

Want your child to discover the value and importance of hard work, self-discipline,  and commitment?


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